How to Choose the Ideal Type of Energy

UK mains power distribution are at 230V (-6%, +10%), with a line frequency of 50 Hz (±1%). The main will often permit a current of around 15A, with plugs an average of fused at 1A, 2A, 5A or even 13A. Your B B could expect that you use only non current items - assess them.
If your appliances might work with all those (check the labels to the power gears( or the directions), everything you need is the adapter to change the physical design of these pins. The plug generally usage in the united kingdom is the one: Notice that even for an unearthed appliance that the earth pin is required to open the walls on the live and neutral holes from the socket.
If your appliances won t work within those constraints, either do with them , buy new ones (as TP suggests) or (in case it s just the voltage you need to improve), then buy a step-up transformer. Note that transformers for large current devices are big and heavy.
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If you would like to make use of a high power device (hairdryer, hair straightening iron, and so forth) which is not marked 110-220 volts, don't try to make use of that in the UK. A voltage converter powerful enough for one of the unit could be the size and weight of a brick.
Either buy dual-voltage travel devices before you leave the US, or buy cheap ones in UK and discard them.
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